Thursday, 28 June 2007

What travelers do all day

This is the title for the second part of are you experienced which I'm re-reading at the moment. Its a great satirical account of the type of catatonic, glazed over, too cool hippie travelers that are extremely prevalent in India, but can also be found in large numbers throughout south east asia, and unfortunately there are a fair number hanging out here in Lonely beach. Not that I'm against lounging languidly on a hammock listening to the likes of Morecheba and Frente, but at least I feel I'm doing it in a relatively unaffected manner. Tossers.

Anyway, I also came across another book by the same author which started well (had me in stitches for bits) but tailed off towards the end. After all that heavy reading I'm now looking for some light relief with Noam Chomsky's latest.
After that I might read something from this fairly appropriate list. Should make for a better read anyway than Thai girl, definitely one of the worst written books I've ever come across.

So a week on Ko Chang has turned into three. Dunno where the time has gone. Rainy season has also turned up with a bang, turning the front of our Bungalows/restaurant into a tributary of the local river. I feel like we know everyone in the village here now, if not in person then by an assigned nickname, or by the gossip circulating among the locals. We've eaten pretty much everywhere, and now have identified the optimum spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Speaking of food, we also went back to the Chili garden to supplement our knowledge with Pad Thai, Penang Curry and some stir fries - all delicious.
We also hit Paddy's Palms, the new (and thankfully only) Irish pub, located in White Sands area, for some top notch Sunday roast.

Nights out here in Lonely Beach are also getting quieter as the rain gets heavier. I've moved onto drinking Leo beer rather than Singha when possibly, hopefully this radical change will coax my brain into firing some new neurons to counteract the braincells I'm killing.
Right now were planning to leave tomorrow - me for Cambodia, Clare for North Thailand and Laos. Mind you, thats been the plan for quite a few days now, and were still here...something about Ko Chang just seems to hold you.

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michael said...

wonder what it isabout Ko Chang that is holding you?! Tricia (she says C is lovely) and Mammy here with e'one...Micks b'day...all wish you well and totally envious. ( PS Lar SNR in good form)