Saturday, 16 June 2007

Birthday parties, Gods and Lady Boys

Ok, so I'm supposed to be in Cambodia now cooing over some really old buildings in a jungle, but instead I'm still in Ko Chang over indulging in all manner of vices. Still, it passes the days.

For a change of pace we rented a Moped for a bit and traveled around the island - the roads can be a bit of a challenge at times, but we managed to remain largely unscathed.

You have to love the randomness of Thailand sometimes - its not often you try to eat at what looks like a restaurant but is actually a kids birthday party, to which you are subsequently invited and fed for free (great food too), while later playing Jenga with lady boys, and then discussing matter of factly with another restaurant owner how she travels at will to Bangkok without her body actually leaving the room, all quite strange to say the least....maybe Hanno knows her??

And considering its the rainy season, the weather has been superb - the odd heavy shower for a few minutes apart, we've only had 1 day of persistent rain, when we decided against driving back to our huts, instead staying in the partyish area of White Sands.

We also completed a few hours at the Chilli Garden, a Thai cookery course ran by a lovely woman, and even if I say so myself, the Green curry I cooked was one of the best I've eaten and the Tom Yum, Chicken with cashew nuts and Glass noodle salads were equally delicious.

In fact all four dishes we cooked were so tasty we couldn't leave anything uneaten, so I'm starting to burst out of my Sarong. Best get back for some swimming to tone up.

Did also spend an awesome day at a waterfall (in the national park) with a gorgeous swimming hole below - sensuous ice cool clear water amidst beautiful verdant rain forest - what more could you ask for?


Fazzii said...

Sean, U dont half look like David Bekham in that Sarong. Maybe its all that playing with the Thai Lady Boys ... got you in the mood ....

Triple D said...

The sarong is very fetching. Were you getting ready for "sexy time" with Ting Tong? Is nice!