Friday, 15 June 2007

Daily grind

Many people think that travel is easy, kind of like a long holiday - but its actually quite hard work at times. To prove my point, here is a typical day on Ko Chang.

Wake up to the sounds of waves lapping at the base of the bungalow, and the cries of monkeys from the rain forest behind.
Get in some aerobic stretching exercises before breakfast.
Amble down the lush garden path to the treehouse restaurant for an omelet or maybe fresh muesli with homemade yogurt.

Recover from the exertion of eating by lounging in the hammock with a mango shake.
Cool off slightly with a dip in the warm turquoise water before snoozing on the fine sand under the shade of the palm trees.

Back for lunch of intensely tasty Pad Thai before stretching out on the deck with a good book, or back to the hut for a siesta. Stroll down to the picturesque village for a spot of Ting Tong spotting while sipping on an ice cold Singha,
or watch the sun set behind the islands from the deck of the Hut.

Time for dinner, probably a green or massaman curry, along with a chicken chilli and basil stir fry, and more Singha. Follow with deliciously sweet banana pancake, if still not stuffed.
Chill out to some excellent music at the bar before falling in to a languid deep relaxing sleep under the mosquito net cooled by the fan and soothed by those lapping waves.

Repeat as often as required.


Triple D said...

Damn it's a hard life Mr Sean...

michael said...

ok ok we get the message....lovely photo of DO you get time to take them?
Joey wuffs hi

raimy69 said...

Ah Seanie Seanie, it's tough alright, now if you happen to see a pair of glasses on that beach they're mine, drunkenly took them off on my birthday a bit back and ended up stumbling round the island for the remainder of my stay...