Monday, 11 June 2007

Pad Thais and Singapore Slings

Ahh Thailand! It's good to be back.
With all the really delicious curries, noodles and banana pancakes for silly prices from the street vendors, you almost forget the stifling heat, humidity and hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Its all part of the experience but I must admit I'm quite pleased to now be on the island of Ko Chang, watching the waves roll on the white sand outside of this little internet cafe. Its still pretty hot, I'm only wearing shorts but I'm dripping sweat onto the seat, but there is a cool breeze outside and its got to be one of the most chilled out spots I've been to.

Before leaving Australia I got to do a great wreck dive in Albany - we got to really go right inside the ship even checking out the old computers and toilets:)
Though I most admit the 17 degree water left me shivering by the end of the dives.
For m,y last night in Perth I headed to Cottesloe beach as I didn't fancy another night out in the city - it was a lovely place, though I did end up bitten by bed bugs, which is never pleasant.

Singapore only got a stopover cause there was no direct flights to Bangkok, but I must admit I really liked the place this time - there is some great street food and lively bars where you can have fun trying to tell the working girls from the legitamate targets, listen to some truly awful Karaoke or sink a Singapore Sling while de-shelling peanuts in the long bar of Raffles hotel. Fantastic.

Even if the beer is pricier than a poncy Dublin nightclub. I had met Fran and Declan, a couple of Irish blokes on the train from the airport and Gemma and Alison, a couple of English girls at the hostel so it was fun hanging out with them. Also let the students at Toni and Guy practice on my hair for a bit.

In Bangkok I met up with Clare again and we spent a couple of days catching up before heading for Ko Chang.


pat said...

clare? who's clare understood you & ross were a couple

michael said...

hmmm.....looks nice...the haircut, I mean..enjoy....j says Hi