Sunday, 1 April 2007

Christchurch - Sydney

Well I finally made it to sydney and I have a new phone number, so if anyone needs to text/call my number is

+61 420827337

I met up with Clare and dad a couple of nice days in Christchurch to finish up, not doing a whole lot really, just walking about enjoying the englishy feel of the place, walking by the river, watching some chess.

I did manage to see some Kiwis, but they were in the Kiwi house so it wasnt all that exciting really. On the flight to Sydney there were amazing views of the bridge and the city on the way in, I'd forgoton how spectacular a setting it all was.
I met up with John (of ex Curam fame) and took over the living room much to the delight of his flatmates Greg, Amber and Claire. John's other claim to fame is that his brother is part of Dervish who sing for Ireland in Helsinki soon.

On the first night we went to see amber perform in the play she is in which was a really good laugh, and afterwards John showed me some of his local hangout spots which were pretty cool.
Next morning I headed to Manly and got some surfing in - conditions were ok but a bit windy, but water was so nice and toasty and it really felt mad that you could surf so close to a major city.

I spent much of the next day wandering around Sydney checking out old haunts and workplaces, I must admit the JPM office does have a lovely location. For a break from the city I headed off to the Blue mountains early in the morning and a days Canyoning which was pretty cool, including abseiling down a 30 meter warerfall which was quite tricky and slippy, and some long water jumps into fairly narrow gorges. Afterwards I got a lift back with some girls from the tour and headed out to meet up with Frank and Paul from colleg, so we had a nice little reunion. Paul seems to like his new career as a schoolteacher a lot better than that IT nonsense. Frank seems to have adopted to his father of 3 role pretty well also.

I also managed to get a couple of walks in.
The Manly scenic way which really felt like you were out of the city even though you were never far away. Overheard an interesting conversation on a mobile - the gist of it was "what I'd do, mate, if I were you,is walk right up to the fucker and punch em in the face, knock some fucking teeth out, but make sure there are no witnesses, or if there are, they will say he started it".
And the Cooge - Bondi shore walk which has lovely views and nice pit stops. It was strange seeing Bondi after living there previously and I'd say it has changed a lot. It was a bit tricky finding somewhere open later cause it was good Friday but eventually we found a spot by the bridge. We met up with Martin and his better half who has moved from JPM Glasgow and seems to like the Sydney lifestyle, apart from the 7am starts:)

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