Saturday, 28 April 2007


I'm not an especially tidy person (perhaps thats an understatement) and I certainly am not adverse to roughing it, but I can't believe the state of the hostels in Perth (ive tried a few) and the state of the people in them. Most of this trip I've found places to be fine, and people to be generally reasonably considerate, but after one too many nights in a bed bug infected damp dark smelly noisy dorm room with snorers, piss heads and bed weters, I've splashed out and gone for a nice b&b complete with all maner of pamper-phenalia like dressing gowns and run by a twee old english couple. Its wonderful.

Perth itself is a nice enough place - though certainly more than a bit edgy in places, but the weather is lovely and the Indian ocean warm and refreshing.
I did manage to meet a few decent folk, including an Isralei guy who showed me how to cook pretty tasty Isralei scoff, and a few good Irish and English people who knew the best pubs, naturally. I also met an Italian guy and an Irish girl at the beach that recomended a hostel so am giving that a shot tomorrow.

I've just managed to sort out my travel plans so am heading up north in a couple of days for my rendevous with the whale sharks, and eventually Broome and Darwin.

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