Friday, 20 April 2007


I'm back in Launceston having had a fantastic trek along the overland track. My preperation wasnt the best - I got on the 6:30 bus with a bad hangover and far too little sleep after a night out with some of the brewery tour people. Luckily the bus to the start took a while and let me sleep off the worst of it.

The clouds parted almost as soon as I started and by the time I had climbed Cradle Mountain, the first sidetrip en route, the weather was perfect and views were lovely. It was a surprisingly tough scramble up bolders, given the amount of people who attempt it.
Day 2 had some beautiful walking through almost african like savanah, and you really felt like you were in the middle of Tasmania, far removed from the outside world. It was at times quite blissful.

The next day contained the climb to the top of Tasmania, mount Ossa, which was absoutely stunning. The whole day was a gem. I walked much of the remainder with Alex and Annette - an english couple living in Sydney close to home and away territory. The final day was mostly cloudy and through rainforest - not expecially exciting but we did see a lot of Wallabies - to go with the Wombats, gliding possums, brush possums and Tiger snakes - one big one got away before I had the chance to get a good shot. It was only later I read they are they most dangerous snake in Australia:)

The track had a lot of interesting characters, including too older ex navy guys that Annette reckoned were having a brokeback mountain like reunion. On the last night I slept out under the stars as there was too much noise in the hut. It was lovely till the mossies came and forced me inside - probably just as well as the heavens opened later - nice timing as we were getting the ferry back the next morning. I think I'm suffering a bit of walkers withdrawl at the moment - so today I'm off to do some rock climbing to pick me up a bit.
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SmokeyPete said...

Looks like you've been up to more awesome stuff Mr Sean. Were you only climbing indoors or did you do any outdoors stuff (other than the Via Ferrata?).

If you have time back in Oz (are you going back?) you could check out the Arapiles in Victoria, which has world famous climbing.

michael said...

wow....looks terrific...utd losing 2 - 1 to AC Milan...treble gone?/
Joey saying hi again!p.....g rain here.

seanmullins said...

Mick - oh you of little faith!

Pete - I did some outdoor stuff in Tasmania which was cool - had to remove the equipment on the way up and stuff, so felt like I was learning stuff. And was cool to make a few tricky ish climbs without falling. I was gonna go to Arapiles but it didnt work out with timeing and guides, but if I move to Melbourne it will be a weekend destination.