Friday, 4 May 2007

Elusive sharks

Well the whale sharks failed to show - theve only been spotted once this week aparently, but its still been good fun in the Ningaloo reef. We did manage to snorkel with Manta rays, Carpet sharks and reef sharks so it wasnt all bad, and we spotted some dolphins, Minke whales and turtles from the boat. I also managed to get in a couple of dives which were nice enough, but not overly colourful.
The trip up here has been a bit of a laugh too, even if at times I'm the only bloke in a bus of ten. This traveling business is tough.

On the way we checked out the Pinnacles and later stoped in a lovely town called Denham, which acts as a jump off point for the Dolphins at Monkey Mia - a fun enough experience, even if its a bit of a circus at times.

Not sure what it was about Denham - its just a wee village really, and the beach isnt all that, it was just a really chilled out place where you can stroll along the beach in the evening and chat with the super friendly and genuine locals. There was also some awesome canyons to see on the way, and shell beach was totally beautiful. Coral bay is a bit more of a scene but still really lovely, and there is coral 100 meters from shore to snokel in so its a great place to spend a bit of time in the water. Also met some really nice people here - Warren an Aussie, Lenonard a scot and Emma (English) and Priska from Switzerland, one of the few on my bus over 20.

Off now to the BBQ party and then an early night I reckon, too many nights of excess in recent times, I must be getting old.

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michael said...

beginning to feel you're speaking a different language! Sunshine and warm weather here for past 5 weeks...all well, take care...joey woofs hi!