Monday, 21 May 2007

Coral bay revisited

Much to my surprise I'm back in Coral Bay. By now I was expecting to be heading back from Darwin, but as often happens plans go awry and you need to execute plan b.
Basicially the tour company fucked up the booking so we were left without a seat on the trip to Darwin. It was almost a blessing in disguise for me, as my back was pretty fcuked from the bus to Broome anyway. So we decided to chill in Broome for a couple of days. For not the first time, I bumped into Gerri and Steph (from my tango days) and almost went with them on a 4wd trip but decided against it after advise from my Chiropractor! Instead we spent much of the time lazing on the beach watching sunsets with the odd bit of drinking, planet spotting and wet T-shirt contest watching.

Clare headed off to Darwin and I hooked up with Priska and some mates on the bus for a couple of more lazy days.
After all this r&r and with no real plan I decided to have another shot at seing the worlds largest fish and headed back down to Coral bay.

The trip started well as we encountered a turtle and a white tipped reef shark on our warm up snorkel, then after an hour or so the spotter plane located one of the beasts and we chased off only for the fcuker to dive down before we got in. Another hour and they found another one, this time group 1 (not my group) got in to swim but again the b@stard dove down and we missed him. I was starting to think maybe someone didnt want me to see one when the boat took off to another spot, nearly losing us from our precarious position standing at the back decked out with fins and snorkels. This time I wasnt going to miss it and although were suppose to wait in a group I followed the dive master straight over to the shark and nearly into his mouth - I definitely couldnt have gotten much closer without touching it, but it didnt seem to mind and swam along happy as larry. It was a really stunning thing to see, really rally beautiful and worth all the long bus journeys and money - the fact that it took so much time and effort to see it made it all the more rewarding in the end.
So now its back to some chill time in Coral bay - I spent about 30 mins snorkeling beside with a turtle yesterday which was pretty cool just watching him go about his daily business.


Triple D said...

Can I use the words "jammy" and "bas" in the one sentence? Indeed I can...

raimy69 said...

Seanie, if you've any additional photos of that wet t-shirt competition can you send them to me. I've, erm, got a mate, erm, who likes that sort of thing...

And remember to check under the bonnet when you get to Thailand.