Monday, 25 February 2008

State side

Well I've arrived in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, and as first impressions go, its not great really. Not too pretty and a bit dodgy in places, but now relly bad. The hostel I stayed in is pretty good, with a pool and secure doors, but when u head out and the door closes and u look at the razor wire and metal sliding shutter protecting the doors it doesnt make u feel like wandering out too much past dusk...

Its a change of weather from the snow in New Jersey, though to be honest its a lot cooler than I expected. I think the beaches becon.
I had a great week in Jersey with Mandy Eddie and Ally, who seems to have grown exponentially in the 6 weeks since I saw her. It was cool to see some decent snow for the first time in a while, and Eddie and I built a trully amazing snowman.

I managed to catch up with Aaron and Pete from JPMC for a night on the big apple as well, should be spending a bit more time in the states on my way back. I did managed to get in to see the WTC memorabolia, which was pretty moving to be honest.
Right now I'm trying to decide which surf spot to head for first... lifes a beech.


cariaso said...

I don't recall annexing Costa Rica, but it gets kind of blurry. If you get near dc on your way to NJ let me know.

seanmullins said...

yeah it kinda feels like it has been with the number of gringo surfers here in mal pais!