Wednesday, 13 February 2008

R & R

Well, after a few weeks R&R back home I'm getting ready to hit the road again.
Originally I intended staying put for a bit and actually working, but decided that this was a bad idea:)
I seemed to run into a series of unfortunate events since getting home - first were tooth problems that started in China and ended with root canal treatment, which seemed to go on for ever. Then on new years eve, while kicking a football around, I managed to dislocate my knee...ouch, relocated it myself but still pretty sore for a while.
Then some strange flu like virus only lasting 2 days.

Then a cold, after which I found myself passing through Eason's bookshop when out of the corner of my eye I spotted the lonely planet to Central America. I didn't decide consciously there and then to go, but I reckon the writing was on the wall. So on Sunday I'm off to Costa Rica, via a few days at my sister Mandy's place in New Jersey. After that will probably go to most of the central American countries, depending on what catches my fancy.
Before heading off I managed a brief trip across to Sean in Helsinki, and despite the cold it was really nice.

So off accross the water tomorrow.
Poor Joey looks kinda upset im going :(


Anonymous said...

me and joey are kinda gutted :(

raimy69 said...

Nice one Seanie - fair play to ya, hope it's as successful as last trip!

seanmullins said...

Had a great time in Juoisey, tho enough snow already,

role on San Jose, Costa Rica!!