Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Pain in the ass

Leaving Phi Phi I arrived on Phuket and met up with Clare from previous travels, as well as Antoinette, a lovely Leitrim girl, and their mates, who were all really nice. I managed to be around for Clare's birthday bash, which was a good laugh. Unfortunately I wasn't in too great a state to really enjoy it, having spent much of that day in Bangkok Phuket hospital undergoing (minor) surgery on a particularly painful area. Let's just say it was a real pain in the ass.

Poor Clare herself was in plaster after a very nasty knee dislocation 3 weeks ago, so it was down to Antoinette to play nurse.
The operation made me feel like I'd been abducted by aliens, but the hospital itself was amazing - more like a posh hotel, with nicely dressed staff, good coffee and DVDs, and more Doctors and Nurses attending than you could shake a stick at. They even had a machine that goes "bing" and everything...
The day afterwards I decided to check into a fancyish hotel for my r&r to avail of a nice big bathtub, so I'm holed up in Phuket town till my checkup on Friday.

I had been in a bit of pain already in Phi Phi, so I didn't do much apart from lie on the beach, though I did make one trip up to the nice viewpoint. It's amazing how little evidence is left of the Tsunami that so devastated the island. Theres no shortage of (rebuilt) hotels and restaurants, I'd heard that the building was being tightly constrained to be more environmentally friendly but I didn't really see any signs of that. Still the beaches are lovely (at high tide anyway).
Right, I'm off for a cocktail of painkillers, unfortunately I've used up all Clare's morphine - don't really rate the stuff anyway to be honest.

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