Sunday, 7 October 2007

Life of Thai

Well once again I find myself "stuck" on a Thai Island for longer than planned. It's a hard life really. I had been planning to go to Burma for a while, but things look a bit iffy there at the minute so will have to hold off on extended travel there for a while. Ko Tao has been good fun, if a fair bit more developed and expensive than I expected. I did another couple of dives, and what a difference a couple of days make. This time I had awful visibility - only 1-3 meters on the second dive, a bit of a joke really. Since that I've been holding off on more diving waiting for conditions to improve, but so far its still not great. I've been hanging around with Tim from New York, whose conspiracy theories make for good entertainment, and Ebony who I had met in Kanchanaburi.

Of course last night was spent trying to believe the results in the two RWC games. I had a small inkling that France could repeat their shock 1999 result, despite New Zeland's performances to date, but I didn't see the Aussies losing to the English.
It's hard to believe that Ireland beat them by a record score this year, and though the Irish did make a game of it against Argentina, they were never going to do it.

Apart from the rugby we've amused ourselves by a bit of snorkeling, swimming, fire dancing and motocross - some of the roads here are really pretty awful but make for fun driving in the little 125 dirt bikes. Weve been over pretty much all the island at this stage, so time to move on maybe. Next up is probably Ko Phan Ngan.

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