Saturday, 3 February 2007


The word has always given me goosebumps, evoking images of huge wilderness, beautiful lakes and towering mountains. And wind. Lots of wind.
I arrived in El Calafate via Barialoche and some delays yesterday, and was instantly mesmorised by the place. Not Calafate itself, which is just a ramshackle town thrown together to populate an area near Chile, and in more recent times has taken on the mantle of gateway to the Moreno glacier, according to the guide the only growing glacier in the world. I though that the Kiwi ones were also expanding, but maybe I´m wrong. In any case, is a pretty spectacular sight, with large chunks of ice calving (love that term) frequently into the torquise blue milky Lago Argentino.

Was heading to bus station yesterday to sort out tickets for the bus to Puerto Natales. Chile when I heard a rendition of "dirty old town" and spotted Gerry and Steph from the BA tango, so will likely accompany them on the Torres Del Paine trek in a couple of days.

In BA I managed to get to a musem at last, though it was the Boca Juniors museum, so thats sort of cheating really. Quite a few players known to us on our side of the pond have played there, including Requelme, Nolberto Solano, Sebo Veron, Caniggia, Batistuta and of course Maradona.

Last day in BA I met up with Jan the dutch pianiast and Kiana and Anna from Norway. There pretty much doing nothing for 3 weeks in BA, which seems to suit them.

Tonight I´m planning on having Fondue with some Swiss I met on the trip to the Glacier, so should be a change from Steak (which aparently isnt as good down here anyway - climate makes them tougher aparently)
Hasta Luego,


fiesta2007 said...

Jazus, you'd think you were Hemingway or something. Enough of the
"torquise blue milky Lago Argentino" crap, ANY BIRDS?

seanmullins said...

Aye, theres loads - eagles, condors, black necked swans etc etc :)

Triple D said...

So still no action then? You're a disappointment Mr Sean...