Friday, 9 February 2007

A little Chile

OK, initially I was kinda chuffed to feel cool weather again after high 20s - mid 30s, but i´m pretty much ready to head north to warmer climes, so its good that I´m jumping on a ferry heading to Puerto Montt (lake district) in a couple of hours. En route I´ve been promised panoramic vistas of fjords and icebergs, and a lot of heavy drinking. Its a good way to spend 4 days after stumbling through Torres Del Paine for the last 5. But the experience was definitely worth it, even if the occasionally howling winds, rain, hail, sleet and snow made it a fair challenge. But we also got lovely sunny spells and sometimes the wind even stopped. Its a beautiful park, and feels like its almost in Antartica (its not all that far) but to really do it justice you need clear blue skies, and they were fairly rare.

Still I had a ball and met some great people along the way, at various times trekking with English, Irish, Brazilian, Danes, Italians, Americans and even a couple of Chilleans. Got chatting to Nicole from Seattle about the Camino De Santiago de Compostella in Spain, and it sounds Awesome so considering tacking that on to the end of my trip.
Heading off to dinner with some of the folks from the trek here in Puerto Natales, and then its all aboard the Navimag.


SmokeyPete said...

Yo Sean sounds like you're having a ball. How were the Torres? Awesome yes?

Did you manage to catch up with d13g0s while you were in BA? Did he have a big jacuzzi and a cigar?

raimy69 said...

Nice one Seanie, sounds top class - have you got somewhere you're uploading photos to?

See ya on the 19th, should be warmer here that on that trek!

seanmullins said...

Never did meet up with Diego, had texted him but he didnt get it, I may have missed out some digit or something.
Uploading photos is tricky, most places say they have it but then theres no dvd drives or they dont work.

Triple D said...

Sean mate - what happened to the barnet?

SmokeyPete said...

I'm with the triple D - what happened to the 'i only ever like to get haircuts that nobody ever notices'. That'll learn you for that stunt you pulled on me at new year with terrible barbers of yours!!