Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Around the bay

Sunday for the first time I took part in Melbourne's biggest annual cycling event - Around the bay in a day.
It was definitely something I wanted to experience, but I think now that I've done it, I won't be rushing back.
The main thing that puts me off is the lack of road closures. It's pretty much as normal, other than the fact that we get one lane on the west gate bridge. So a lot of the ride is stop start, which really breaks your rhythm.
That, and the messy ferry setup (too few boats, too many passengers), a handful of idiot motorists (and a few stupid cyclists) and far too many punctures (I didn't get any, but Coops and Steve got several - not helped by locals laying thumb tacks and nails) took the edge off what could be a great day.
I still enjoyed it (a lot in parts) but I think for the money (and effort) there are better ways to spend a day.
Ride wise, it's pretty flat - the nicest part of the ride I normally do - along the coast to Dromana - is skipped, presumably cause of Vic Roads reluctance to offer to close this section. The stretch along the motorway from Geelong is definitely forgettable, though at least we had a nice tail wind (and no lights, so we could bet a bit of speed up). It was nice to roll into the finish, knowing you had completed a large geographical circle on your own steam (well, with the ferry's help). And the ride over the bridge was cool, though it's just a shame this is about the only time cyclists can experience it. I think of San Francisco, when you can walk or cycle across the Golden Gate almost all the time. Oh well, maybe one day?

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