Monday, 13 June 2011

On the road again

After almost two years of no overseas travel - something of a record - I've left Australias's shores for a few weeks of cycling and catchup with the family. Normally when I travel, I travel as light as possible. So it's something of a shock to be laboured with the Elephant (Jean's name for my Evoc bike bag, with my Cervelo inside).

It's actually pretty good, and fairly manouverable, but it does definitely change my travel style just a bit. I arrived in Bangkok on time, and was pleased to see the Elephant arrive safetly to the oversize baggage section.

After only a minor amount of confusion and waiting I found my Hotel guy and was whisked away to my pad for the night, The Kriss residence.
It's ok, basic, slightly souleless but clean, 10 mins drive from the airport and they have internet.
They also seem a bit obsessed with guests stealing/breaking the room contents.

I was met off the mornings short flight to Chiang Mai by Marcus from
Crouching Tiger cycling tours, my guides for the Thai highland tour.
It's a pretty challenging looking tour looping anti clockwise from Chiang Mai
through Pai, Mae Hong Son and several smaller Thai towns, before finishing with a climb up Thailand's highest mountain.
My diggs in Chiang Mai are really nice, and I was relieved to open up the Elephant and find all my bike parts intact. A few minutes later, and with the help of a local guy, who spotted me trying to put the pedals on the wrong way, the Cervelo was ready to roll. Nothing left but to sample some of the traditional local cuisine.

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